How to Pick the Right Online Dating Site For You

With the current Covid pandemic finding a new partner in the face to face world has become more difficult than ever. Social distancing and the closures of pubs, restaurants and other social venues caused by lockdowns have decreased the opportunitiese to find love in day to day life.

For these reasons online dating has become more popular than ever in 2020. Online dating sites provide a tool that allows you to connect with people who you may not have otherwise encountered in your day-to-day life, increasing the chances of finding the right match.

For the new online dater the sheer number of online dating sites can actually feel overwhelming. With a quick google search bring up hundreds, if not thousands, of possible choices how can you be sure the online dating site you choose is the right one for you?.

A dating site might not provide a magic solution for solving all of your love troubles. But who knows – it could put you on the path to finding the partner of your dreams.

But you can waste a lot of time and money if you’re not choosing the best dating site to connect with potential suitors. When deciding on the right dating site for you, consider who you are and who you’re looking for, what type of relationship you want, and whether or not you’re willing to pay for an online dating subscription in order to find love.

Who Are You and Who Are You Looking For?

You can make the online dating process go much smoother from the start by answering the following two questions:

  • What type of person are you?
  • What are you looking for in a partner?

Sit down and make a list of things about yourself that you feel are important when it comes to a relationship. Follow this by making another list of qualities, attributes, and values important for you to have in a partner. (Tip: Think of the interests, values, religious beliefs, hobbies and goals that are important to you and that wish to find in a potential partner.)

The list regarding a potential partner shouldn’t function as a checklist to find someone that perfectly ticks every box. Instead, think of it more as a guide for determining the best dating site to help you find who you’re looking for.

For example, if religion is an important part of your life, then you should look to use dating sites that cater to people of your faith or that allow you to filter by religion. Similarly, if you are looking for a more mature partner be sure to check out sites that cater to those who are 50 and older.

What Type of Relationship Do You Want?

After getting an idea of what you value in a relationship and a partner, you’ll want to define the type of relationship you want to further determine the right dating site for you.

Some sites are geared more towards casual dating with quick sign-up processes that don’t require a lot of personal information to get started.

Other sites focus more on helping their users find relationships that will lead to long-term dating and even marriage. These sites have more involved signup processes that require you to provide a lot more personal information, sometimes using questionaiires, in order to find you potential partners that will offer you the best shot at a lasting relationship.

If you’d like to date casually and don’t want to spend a lot of time filling out questionnaires, sites like Tinder or Bumble and other casual dating sites present a good option. These online dating sites allow you to search and match with others in your area immediately after signing up, and you don’t have to provide much information.

It’s as easy as connecting a Facebook account and typing a short bio about yourself. You can find users on Tinder and Bumble who are looking for everything from casual connections to committed relationships that could lead to marriage.

If you know that you’re definitely on the hunt for somebody to walk down the aisle with, you may want to choose a site that has a reputation for having users seeking long-term relationships like uses a sophisticated algorithm in order to provide its users with matches and boasts a high rate of successful relationships among its members.

Are You Willing to Pay?

As with everything else in life, with online dating sites you pay for quality. There are lots of free sites out there where people can make connections every single day. However, the quality of the type of person you match with and how compatible you are with them is going to improve if you choose to use a dating site that requires a subscription in order to use their service. A paid for online dating also service also helps to filter out scammers, con artists and one night stand seekers that have helped to give online dating a bad name in the eyes of many.

This is especially important if you’re looking for a serious relationship and don’t want to waste time going on dates only to find out that your potential mate doesn’t want a committed relationship. Those who pay for a subscription to a site are generally more serious about finding a lasting relationship than people using the free dating sites that don’t require a monetary commitment.

Online dating sites that charge a membership fee usually also have better screening processes in place to eliminate fake profiles so you don’t waste your time talking to someone who doesn’t even exist. If you decide that you are willing to pay in order to find love, you should research the benefits of a paid subscription among the best online dating sites.

Know Who You Are and What You Want To Find In Love and Relationships

Meeting someone in the online dating world can take just as much effort as finding somebody to date in the “real world”. The key to finding the best match for you is choosing the best online dating site for your needs. For this reason it is imprtoant that you have a good idea of what is important for you in a future relationship.

You can save a lot of time, energy, and money by having a clear idea of who you are and who you’re looking for, what kind of relationship you want, and if you’re willing to shell out a few bucks in order to find love. By knowing yourself and what you want, choosing the right dating site, and eventually the right future love becomes a whole lot easier.

How Do I Find The Best Dating Site?

There are many dating sites and all of them pride themselves on being the best and providing the best possible service for their members. But which dating site will give you the best chance to find the right partner easily and quickly?

Once you have determined the factors that are important to you in yourself and a potential partner you can then narrow down the field of possible online dating sites so that you can find the right one for you.

Below I have compiled a list of factors that should be taken into consideration when choosing your online dating site.

Membership Size

It’s simple, the more active users a dating site has, the better your chances of finding the right partner. This means that a sites popularity and a large number of users is an important factor for finding the right online dating site for you.

Here are some of the dating sites with a large number of members:

  • Zoosk,
  • EliteSingles
  • Match
  • eHarmony

The site must suit your interests

Different dating sites offer different member expectations: depending on whether you are looking for a serious relationship or just someone to flirt with keep in mind that different providers may suit different needs. Therefore, it is important that you carefully select a dating site that matches your intentions.

The following dating sites focus on serious relationships:

  • Zoosk
  • EliteSingles

If you are loooking for a more casual relationship then one of the following websites may be a better match for your needs.

The site’s age group should match within what you are looking for

There are dating sites for young singles and others for more mature user groups. There are also sites that cater are more general and cater for a wider mix of online daters.
Of course, the age group of a site’s members should match what you are looking for. Otherwise, you’ll receive bad partner suggestions, or your contact requests won’t be answered. That would be a pity and a waste of time!

The system for partner suggestions is relevant

Different online dating providers use different systems to suggest partners that match your information. The biggest difference depends on whether or not partner suggestions are made based on comprehensive personality tests. Although many sites are now also using artificial intelligence and algorithms to help show you the most relevant potential matches.

Some dating sites have a personality test. On dating sites with a personality test, you have to fill out a detailed questionnaire in the beginning. Based on your information, you will then receive partner suggestions that could be a match with you.

Take your time filling out the personality tests. As mentioned above it is important that you have a good understand of yourself and your requirements in a future relationship.

The better that the partner suggestions are matched with your profile, the better chances you have, in the end, that “the chemistry” really works.

Dating sites with especially detailed personality tests are:

  • EliteSingles
  • Match

Make sure there is a search function

It is important to actively search the database of potential suitors yourself rather than relying solely on partner suggestions.

Therefore, choosing a site with adequate functions for an active search function is important. Through the sites’ search engines, you can browse profiles that match your interests independently from the automatic suggestions. Most modern dating sites have “filters” that you can use to narrow down the list of matches returned by your search.

Choosing a provider with a good active search, therefore, is a must!


A wise selection brings about better chances. By taking into account the factors above, you can help increase your chances significantly of finding someone well suited to you. This way, you’re already starting off with the best chances of finding your dream partner right from the beginning.

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