Why pay to use dating sites when there are free ones available?

The number of searches on the internet for “Free Dating” show that plenty of people seem to think that finding a new partner is something they needn’t spend any money on!

Maybe they think “Why pay to use dating sites when there are free ones available?”

Unfortunately, the old saying “You only get what you pay for” is certainly true here!

What many people won’t think about is that ALL websites (whether they are about dating or any other topic) have to pay for themselves, even just to cover the costs of keeping them up on the internet.

So how do so-called “free” dating sites make money? The answer is simple. Free dating sites are crammed full of ads and “dating” is simply the carrot they use to get you on their site. They are not in the least bit interested in you meeting someone; their only interest is getting you to click on the ads from which they make their money!

Take a look at just some of the differences between “free” sites and Paid Dating Sites:

Subscription Dating Free Dating
All profiles vetted by real peopleYesNot vetted at all
Non-genuine profiles rejectedYesNo
Non-UK residents rejectedYesNo
Cancelled profiles removedYesNo (often no facility)
Email addresses checked for validityYesNo
Upgraded members identity checkedYesNo ID checks made
Potential scammers, fraudsters rejectedYesNo
Quality of membersHighLow
Number of members seeking family life100%?
Differences between free and subscription dating websites and apps

It’s a bit of a no-brainer, isn’t it!

Free sites are not monitored – profiles/identities are not checked, anyone can post a profile regardless of their motives/marital status and they can stay on the site for years on end. The chances of finding someone who is genuine and available is like looking for a needle in a haystack!

Would you put your future happiness in their hands?

Some people do and find that, at best, they’ve wasted a lot of time or, at worst, they’ve got themselves in deep trouble with some unsavoury characters (and that applies to both sexes)! Not to mention fraudsters who scan online dating sites looking for vulnerable victims.

Finding a new partner is too important to take chances.

For example, would you use a Doctor or a Dentist that was more interested in selling you medication or a toothbrush, than providing you with proper treatment? Or a travel firm more interested in getting you to buy travel accessories, than ensuring your holiday destination is what you want? Of course you wouldn’t!

You would expect people that have paid for their dating site subscription are much more serious about finding a date.

They have actually paid money in order to find other serious relationship seekers – and they want to meet singles that share the same seriousness in finding a partner.

Bear these things in mind when considering the free dating sites & decide how important these factors are to you!!

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