5 Quick Tips for Choosing Your Perfect Online Dating Username

Choosing the best username for dating

When you sign up to an online dating site, one of the first things you’ll be asked to do is to create a username. The reason for this is because it’s a good idea to keep your real info anonymous. Your username is your secret nickname that you’ll use on the site and what other members will know you as.

Usernames are also a lot easier to read and more interesting than having full names. They also give you the chance to be creative and have a little fun. Here are my dating expert tips on choosing one that help you get more messages rather than scaring people away.

1. Incorporate Your Real Name

I would strongly suggest that you try to include your first name in your username. Online dating can be a little formal at times, so this will make you appear more human. It shows that you are a real person who isn’t hiding behind a computer screen and you instantly seem friendlier.

I’m especially fond of names that use alliteration, so go with one or two words that start with the same letter as your name. These roll of the tongue easily.

For example:

  • AmazingAmy
  • SportySarah
  • TomThames
  • Fun Flirty Fiona
  • LyninLondon

eHarmony has done away with usernames completely and only shows first names so it’s definitely a trick that can work in your favour.

If you really don’t want to use your first name then go for an abbreviation or middle name instead. Of course, you should never add your surname as that wouldn’t give you any privacy.

2. Be Creative

There are three qualities that good usernames have. They don’t need all of them but at least one is essential. Firstly, you could have one makes you sound friendly and approachable. Alternatively, it could be something that makes other people laugh. If it doesn’t have either of these then it must be a good reflection of your personality instead.

Here are some good choices to get you thinking:

  • Ace of Hearts
  • GlobeTrotter
  • Born to be Mild
  • Eternal Optimist
  • Limited Edition Lou
  • Summer Breeze

3. Choose Wisely

Think very carefully about the image you are going to portray when you select a name. What might seem funny at the time can backfire and completely destroy your chances.

That’s why you need to stay clear of anything too rude or aggressive. Even worse are completely random names that are the first thing people think of. Yes, people really do call themselves things like:

  • Beans on Toast
  • Rubbish Boy
  • Slightly Strange
  • CoffeeCup

4. Avoid the Auto Suggestions

With some sites, you can only have one person using a username at a time. So to get round this they will suggest some alternatives to you. The problem with these is that they are computer generated and will usually have a number on the end.

For example: jamesv578281

Whatever you do, don’t be lazy and select this. It looks like you couldn’t be bothered and have no imagination. You need to have a username, not one that looks like an internet password!

5. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

I really don’t want you to spend hours and hours trying to think up the “perfect username.” That’s time you could be spending contacting potential matches. It’s better to pick something you are reasonably happy with for now and then you can always amend it at a later date when something better springs to mind.

Just please don’t change it too often as it could be confusing for anyone you’ve been in contact with.

It’s a good idea to have a look at what other people are using on dating sites right now. You can have a look at the best companies with the most fun usernames here on our site.

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