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Half Price Dating – Save 50% On Membership

After the last few weeks of spending money on presents for family, friends, colleagues, bosses and anyone else who comes along, we we think it’s about time you treated yourself! So to help you start the New year in the best possible way, if you take out a monthly subscription […]

Protecting Members from Online Dating Scams & Con Men/Women

Online dating was again in the public eye when ‘5 Live Investigates’ featured a woman who was scammed £100,000 after falling in love with a dating site user that claimed to be a US Army soldier who was a lone parent but was, in fact, a scammer. At Find Me […]

Getting over a break up

We’ve all been there – the tears, the anger, the hollow empty feeling in the pit of your stomach and the overwhelming feeling that you will never fall in love again. No matter how irrational it may sound – you can’t help thinking that this relationship was your one true […]