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Australian Dating site ‘thin only’ event causes outrage in New Zealand

An Australian dating website has enraged Kiwi women by organising an event where the women attending must be size 10 or under, while the men can be any size they like. The dating site say they’re just catering to men who like slender women, but women say it’s discrimination. It’s […]

Do Opposites Really Attract? 2

Or is it just an old wives tale? It’s nigh on impossible to meet someone who likes everything that you do & anyway, would you not want your partner to have some different interests that they can either do by themselves, or introduce you to? However, dating someone who shares […]

Singles Parties & Speed Dating Events for UK Professionals

Online Dating is more popular than ever, but there are people that just don’t like the idea & probably never will. However, there are still dating options for them, despite the huge growth in internet dating! The Single Solution is one such service, geared to organising weekly events for different […]

Half Price Dating – Save 50% On Membership

After the last few weeks of spending money on presents for family, friends, colleagues, bosses and anyone else who comes along, we we think it’s about time you treated yourself! So to help you start the New year in the best possible way, if you take out a monthly subscription […]

Protecting Members from Online Dating Scams & Con Men/Women

Online dating was again in the public eye when ‘5 Live Investigates’ featured a woman who was scammed £100,000 after falling in love with a dating site user that claimed to be a US Army soldier who was a lone parent but was, in fact, a scammer. At Find Me […]

3 months full dating site membership for the price of 2

Not looking forward to the World’s greatest football tournament about to kick off in South Africa? It’s the perfect time to blow the whistle on being single and find your match. There’s no better time to kick off the search for that special guy and with our great extra time […]