Two new Bolt Ons for free members added to our dating sites

Following on from the launch of the Search VIP andRead Notification’ Bolt-ons, it’s with excitement that we can announce the launch of two more additions: ‘Contact For Free’ and ‘Reply For Free’.

Contact For Free

The ‘Contact For Free’ Bolt-on allows members to be messaged by both full and basic members and is illustrated by an envelope icon on their profile page. This costs £7.49 a month.

Reply For Free

Confident in the knowledge that a well crafted private message can guarantee a response, a basic member can respond back if they receive a message from a full member with the ‘Reply For Free’ Bolt-on (increasing their chances of a response). This is shown by a special button in the message’s title, encouraging the member to get back in touch for free. This Bolt on costs £4.99 a month.

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