Improved Customer Care On Find Me Dates

We’re keen to ensure you have the best experience each and every time you visit Find Me Dates. We’ve been listening to the feedback you’ve been giving us and, as a result, have introduced a range of new features designed to enhance your time on the site, making it both safer and more enjoyable.

Our Customer Care Team is working hard to help us track down, review and remove false and misleading profiles and inappropriate messaging from Find Me Dates. We’re committed to offering you the best way to meet someone new.

Take a look at our great new features…

Profile Checking

Want to know that you’re chatting to a genuine person, not someone with ulterior motives? We’ve listened and introduced a series of measures which we believe will allow us to ‘weed out’ 99% of non-genuine Members before you ever come into contact with them. Every new profile uploaded will be checked to make sure it meets our standards. If it doesn’t make the grade it won’t appear on the site – that’s our guarantee to you.

To ensure we maintain this quality going forward, we will also review any changes or edits to profiles too.

First Message Approval

All new members that sign up will have their first message read and approved by us.

This initial step will help us recognise 99% of non-genuine Members and will mean their messages will not get through to you.


We’ve introduced our own sort of spelling test here at Find Me Dates. Our new system allows us to check that the wording Members are using in their profiles, messages and diaries are both appropriate for the site and do not intentionally offend other Members. This will aid us in preventing any strange or misleading activity taking place on the site, improving your online experience.

If you’ve got any further questions about these new features or anything else regarding your Membership on Find Me Dates, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly Customer Care Team.

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