Dating Profile Page Improvements: The Changes!

We recently started phasing in an exciting new feature across our network of dating sites; a completely redesigned profile page and several key new elements within it.

As part of the changes we made the profile page a single source for all member information, a bit like the Facebook news feed! To achieve this we created a simple photo gallery that could be browsed from the main profile page, allowing viewers to get a better feel for a member without needing to move from page to page. This feature has proved a massive success, with the photo gallery receiving thousands of clicks each hour!

We then considered member communication and engagement. How could we lower the barriers between two members and encourage a viewer to wink, chat or favourite the member they are viewing?

The answer was to draw greater focus to these key features by relocating them to a more prominent position and by making them larger and bolder, with clearer labels and iconography. The impact was clear with 90% more messages, 30% more winks and 56% more members added as a favourite, in the first three weeks from launch!!

We also wanted to provide more ways to interact with a member. So we added the ability to comment on a member’s status, request additional photos and ask a member to come online and chat. Each of these features provides new and simple methods to engage with another member, greatly increasing the amount of site communication.

As a result of the new profile pages, we are seeing the following:

  • Around 118% more winks being sent per profile view
  • 195% more message are being sent, helped by the new inline messaging form and photo/chat requests
  • 200% more members have been added as a favourite
  • Average time spent on a profile has increased by 87%

Building new features is only one step in a long and continuous process. We will continue to investigate, build and test new features for the profile page and have lots of ideas in the pipeline.

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