Planned migration of asset storage

This Thursday, 20th July, we are planning to migrate all our site assets (including member photos and site header/footers) from our current storage solution to a new storage provider.

Why are we doing it?

A few reasons, but, the main reason is to improve stability.

* We have had issues with the current storage solution and it contributed to more than one platform outage
* Our new storage provider is highly available and we are increasing coverage by replicating assets to more than one geographic location
* We believe the new solution will be faster
* The new solution will be more flexible for future projects and storage needs

What might happen during the migration?

The migration will take just under 3 hours. We don’t expect to see any issues with the systems we’re using as they have been built to cope with migrations, however, with a migration of this scale, there’s always a small chance something might go wrong. In the worst case scenarios:

* Newly added member photos could appear broken during the migration
* Newly added site header and footer assets could appear broken during the migration
* A modified photo may not show as correct until the final, full sync is complete
* JavaScript badges (used on landing pages) may not update

We anticipate that this migration will run smoothly and will keep you updated on the status of it

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