Australian Dating site ‘thin only’ event causes outrage in New Zealand

An Australian dating website has enraged Kiwi women by organising an event where the women attending must be size 10 or under, while the men can be any size they like.

The dating site say they’re just catering to men who like slender women, but women say it’s discrimination.

It’s true that people generally have a preference as to what they find attractive, but if you discount people solely on their age or size, are you possibly missing out on the chance of meeting someone you really click with?

You may think that you only want to date people aged 32-35, or size 10 & below, but what if your perfect match turns out to be 39 & a size 14?! You are being so blinkered by self made statistical boundaries, that you are preventing yourself from ever meeting them.

Personally I would recommend meeting as many people as possible, find out if you enjoy their company & if there is chemistry between you. It’s so much more important than fitting people into boxes of age or size.

Everybody is different & surely dating is about meeting a wide variety of different people & fnding someone you click with. They may be nothing like the “dream” person you have in your mind, but if you search only for that “fantasy”, you could end up alone.

As a final note, my flatmate told me an amusing story the other day: Two very large (obese) gentleman on the train were talking about a woman: “She’d be great if she didn’t keep eating so many pies” said one!!!! Pot, kettle, black – take note gentlemen!

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