Top 5 iPhone Apps for Dating

Technology has contributed significantly to our lives and still continues to do so. As a matter of fact, the ever-changing technology and advancement have also changed our way of life in various ways, which include our personal lives and mode of interaction with our loved ones. Gone are the days of effusive and lengthy love letters that painstakingly passed on as signals of love and affection; it is now the time of transmitting 140- character message over the mobile phone. Fewer words allow you to express yourself better and reduce the probability of botching the relationship before it could begin.

In a similar way, women are more open to dudes having an internet connection in comparison to the list of bachelors trying the traditional methods. Thanks to the internet and mobile connectivity, as it helps in communicating with fresh faces every day, and also allows you to get updates from your ex through social networking sites. Basically, you are well informed and equipped, and it’s all because of mobile technology.

Here’s a list of 5 top iPhone dating apps you cannot miss:

#1: PinPointsX

If you wish to know modern societal standards about dating, you need not become an eminent sociologist. Having an iPhone with PinPointsX installed in it is good enough to make your life all the way more happening and eventful.

Designed with interesting features to enable users to locate as well as interact with their erotic partners in their changing, real-time and immediate location, this app is highly sociable and the best choice for male species. Through features like iPhone Map and GPS, it is now possible to plan a date based on the current location, and filter any desire or need virtually.

In addition, this app is found to be one of the most interesting ones that use technology to meet the needs of a male libido.

#2: Speed Date

Speed date is definitely the world’s first and best iPhone dating app. The system helps you to meet singles through a 3 minute online speed date. Unlike all other dating options on the internet or iPhones, this app will help singles to determine if their chemistry has been working and allow them to plan a date immediately.

#3: Mobile Spy

Mobile Spy is the latest tracking or monitoring app that works effectively for dating. You can track the person you have met through an app, know more about him/her, maintain records of the person and finally decide what you wish to do. This app helps you in determining, whether or not, the person you have chosen is worth being with.

#4: Charm Him

If you have been craving for the man of your dreams, use Charm Him. Charm Him is an app that can help you in learning how to spark attraction and romance, regardless of whether you are looking for a single and sexy dude, snag the guy who tried to elude you in your past, ignite the flames of your present relationship, or simply have some fun. You can do them all with Charm Him.


This is one of the leading dating apps for iPhones that allows people to flirt as well as date others who are located nearby and use the iPhone technology. Its basic function is to utilize the GPS system and identify singles within the immediate vicinity.

Dating apps are fun to use; however, it is very important to take proactive measures to ensure your safety while using these latest technologies.

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