Our Find Me Dates Woman Of The Week

We’ve had another great week here at Find Me Dates, with thousands more women joining us looking for a date this Bank Holiday.

Meet Lorraine!

Lorraine, 40, Surrey

We like Lorraine. She’s a life coach who likes to dance, adores music, studied art, design & photography and is “intrigued by colour psychology”. No, we’re not exactly sure what that is either! But don’t worry, Lorraine’s life is all about balance so don’t be surprised if she takes up martial arts as well.

OK, she sounds great, but how should I break the ice, you ask?

It’s simple, just click on her picture and send her a private message. But why not be original while you’re at it. Instead of sending her a cheesy one-liner she’s probably heard a thousand times before why not tell her something amazing about yourself. You know that thing that makes you stand out from the crowd? Yes, that thing! Tell her about that!

So what are you waiting for?

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