Take part in the BBC’s weekly reality-dating radio series, Blind Date

We proud to announce an exciting opportunity for our members in and around the London area.

The BBC is looking for eligible singles to take part in their weekly reality-dating radio series, Blind Date – and if you’re a Find Me Dates member, you’re invited to apply to be a part of the show, including taking part in an on-air blind date!

To register, simply send your name, your user name, and your contact details (phone number and email) to lpage@globalpersonals.co.uk (Applications missing any data will not be accepted.) If you are selected as a Blind Date candidate, you will then be contacted for a brief chat.

If you are selected to take part in the show, you will be required to travel to central London on a Friday evening, where you will be interviewed on the air, both before and after your blind date – at 10 pm and midnight, respectively. The BBC will provide £20 towards the date; all other specific details will be provided during or after your interview.

The first opportunity for members to be on the show is slated for November 26th, 2010. However, if you send an application and do not hear from us, don’t fret – we hope to make this an ongoing segment, and so we may call upon you in the upcoming weeks and months.

Take part in the BBC dating show, Blind Date

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