Flirting With Girls

Understanding how to flirt with ladies is a skill that many males never learn or have altogether wrong. The flirting skills of many males don’t go beyond asking a girl where she’s from and if they come there frequently.

If you’re sick of getting flirting all incorrect… etc.. well here are some great tips to help you start flirting…

Is being nice the right way to go?

The first step is udnerstanding the a lot of women want a man who is exciting and makes them feel safe. Nice guys who do everything that a woman wants have a serious strike against them when it comes to this.

Think about this: how safe would you feel around someone who did everything the way you wanted them to? Surely, such a person is submissive and probably not very good at standing up for themselves. Women oftern times want a guy who can protect them.

So “no more Mr. nice guy” is probably one of the most important dating tips for men you’ll ever learn…but not always the rule.


So how do you balance this with excitement?Well, knowing how to flirt with women is all about being a bit unpredictable and leaving her guessing about something.Just make sure you balance this with responsibility.

The best way to accomplish this is simply keeping your life, your personality and your values intact… even when they’re not to her liking. You may lose this way.But you’d be amazed at how much more desirable you will become when a woman realizes she can’t control you just because you want to be with her.<_p_>The more attractive a woman is, the more men she has keep competing for her attention and the more accustomed she is to men doing exactly what she wants in order to get her attention.Set yourself apart witha  little unpredeictability.

And our final dating tip for men…

Do a Little Teasing

Why do women want to control a man but also get bored when a guy does whatever she wants?Sometimes it’s a test to see if you will fold or stay the course.Guys who fail the test usually just end up a friend.

Often times these tests will appear stupid.The best way to “pass” these tests is to tease her in a playful and humorous way for being silly or unreasonable. This will put you above likely 90% of the males dating.

So use these three tips starting today and prepare at the difference it makes in your dating life.In no time everyone will wonder how you got your skills.

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