80% of Online Daters are looking for a Serious Relationship

Thanks to its increasing popularity and a whole new range of demographics-specific websites to choose from, online dating has become more acceptable in recent years. And though it’s a more convenient way to find potential dates (who has time to actually go out and meet these people?), there’s still a […]

Let 2011 Be Your Year of Happiness

How was your 2010? Did you manage to fulfill all of your resolutions that you made this time last year? If the answer’s no, let 2011 be the year to really achieve your goals. A new year and fresh start, we’re all keen to renew our yearly promises to ourselves, […]

Keeping New Year’s Resolutions Increase the Chance of Finding a Relationship

Now that 2011 has begun, many singles are making their New Year’s resolutions in the hope of finding the person of their dreams. Making those resolutions can go a long way to finding that special person, as studies show that singles who make realistic resolutions about dating are more likely […]

Why pay to use dating sites when there are free ones available?

The number of searches on the internet for “Free Dating” show that plenty of people seem to think that finding a new partner is something they needn’t spend any money on! Maybe they think “Why pay to use dating sites when there are free ones available?” Unfortunately, the old saying […]