80% of Online Daters are looking for a Serious Relationship

Thanks to its increasing popularity and a whole new range of demographics-specific websites to choose from, online dating has become more acceptable in recent years. And though it’s a more convenient way to find potential dates (who has time to actually go out and meet these people?), there’s still a […]

Men from Mars, Women from Venus – are we really THAT different?

There’s a well known book, Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus, but WHY do men and women seem to view the world from completely different perspectives, as if they’re from separate planets? We often hear women say they don’t understand men & vice versa, but is the battle […]

Do Opposites Really Attract? 2

Or is it just an old wives tale? It’s nigh on impossible to meet someone who likes everything that you do & anyway, would you not want your partner to have some different interests that they can either do by themselves, or introduce you to? However, dating someone who shares […]

Charlotte Church and Gavin Henson confirm split

Singer and TV talent judge Charlotte Church and her fiance Gavin Henson have broken up after five years together, it has been confirmed. The couple’s split comes just six weeks after announcing their engagement – in April, the pair – who have two children, told OK! magazine that Henson flew […]

Young people more lonely than the elderly, UK survey suggests

Loneliness is more common among the young than those past retirement age, a survey suggests, amid profound changes in the way we live and interact with others. Across all ages 1 in 10 people in the UK often feel lonely, the Mental Health Foundation has found, a state which can […]

10 things you should never say to a woman

We’re often told to be honest but while valued in most situations, too much honesty can sometimes offend. Sometimes comments are better left unsaid, or opinions kept to yourself; sometimes they’re required. Here are some clues to help you get it right! You know you’re not supposed to comment on […]

Getting over a break up

We’ve all been there – the tears, the anger, the hollow empty feeling in the pit of your stomach and the overwhelming feeling that you will never fall in love again. No matter how irrational it may sound – you can’t help thinking that this relationship was your one true […]